Monday, September 15, 2014

Louise Caola’s Cakes That Looks Like Savory Dishes

These photos can definitely make your mouth waters but looks can be deceiving for these food that look like savory dishes are not what they seem. These are cakes design by an amateur baker named Louise Caola.

The London-based baker has been helping her mother in the kitchen ever since she was a kid and she literally fell in love with baking at such young age. She studied fashion marketing at a university and had a job in advertising but still, she was still able to do her passion for baking cakes during her free time. It was her friend’s birthday when she first baked sausage and potato mash cake. Her food artwork received a lot of praises and this fueled her passion for baking.

She then started creating more cakes and decided to upload photos to her social media accounts like twitter and Instagram. This became a medium for many people to know her food artwork and she has received a lot of orders. She then started taking her passion for baking seriously and even quit her job. She named her cake brand as Poppy&Lulu.

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