Friday, September 5, 2014

Sun After The Rain!

After experiencing heavy rains for the past few days, now the sun greets a great morning. The weather really affects my mood. If it rains, I feel gloomy and I just wanted to cuddle in the bed. But if the sun is up the in the sky, I feel so lively and always wanted to go out and have fun.

There is only a week left for the summer. And right after this, classes already resumes. But of course, I am not one of those students who need to go back to school since I have already finish college. A week before the school year starts, students should enjoy their last week of vacation. Because it would take them some months before having another break. In our family, my youngest brother is now the only member who still needs to go to school. And I think, me and my other brother can already provide his needs for his studies

Anyway, enjoy the remaining days of the summer everyone!

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