Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Top 5 Morning Rituals

I would like to share with you my top 5 morning rituals. Almost everyday I do these morning rituals of mine as longs as I am at home.

1. Praying
I never forget to thank God for giving me another day to live in this earth. Waking up every morning is the best gift that God gave me because this only shows how much love He gave me for giving me the opportunity to experience a lot. For me, praying in the morning is the best time to communicate with God. During this spiritual moment, I am not only asking for my personal benefit but also for my family and friends especially for those people who are away from their home.

2. Jogging

I usually jog or walk around our street around 6 o’clock in the morning. It usually take me about 30 minute to 45 minutes jogging around our street. Sometimes I go on my own but sometimes I go with my cousin who want to lose weight and she think that jogging in the morning is the best and ideal time for her to burn the fats in her body. Another thing why I love to jog is because I want to see the sun rise in the morning. There is a certain area in our village where the sun rise beautifully. This is one of the things that made my day.

3. A Cup of Coffee With Dad

It is always good to talk with dad early in the morning. We usually talk about the things happening in our country especially in the economy and in politics. It is very enlightening to know his views with these topics. When the impeachment trial trial of the Chief Justice Corona is on going, we usually talk about it. We laugh how the prosecution deliver their case and we love how the defense team rebut all of the evidence presented by the prosecution. Though sometimes we do not meet in some point, but we do respect each other’s opinion.

4. Taking a Bath

Right after an enlightening conversation with dad, I then headed to my room and take a bath. It has been my ritual to take a bath in the morning and in the evening. I always dream of having a bubble bath but we do not have a bath tub at home. I just hope we can have one in the future.

5. Breakfast While Watching Movie

After taking a bath, it usually follows a healthy breakfast that has been prepared by mom. And me and my brothers usually watch movies in the living room while we are taking breakfast. I prefer a romance movie but my brother want an action and a thriller one. So I just stick to what they want and watch my favorite movie later in the afternoon.

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