Monday, September 1, 2014

The Country Life

“There is nothing more special than to live ever in a simple yet peaceful life in the province”. 

Many people think that life in rural place is better than life in urban place; otherwise, many people believe that life in other community is better than the life in our mother country. Either of the two, we must bear in mind, that no one could definitely prove it, unless, he never tried to experience to live in both opposite places.

We can find buildings in the city, flashing colorful lights during nights, luxurious car, people of different races, crowded malls and markets, fly-over, skyway , and many more. There are also big time hotel and restaurant that people love to go, and the biggest houses and parks around. These things can only be brought if you have the money. How about true happiness? The happiness and satisfaction that last forever does not define treasure, golds and silvers in life. In the city or in the province? The foreign country or the country life? Where will you wish to go? Where will you stay?
I have never seen a wonderful place like the province, where highest mountain stand bravely, refreshing green fields sleep on the ground, amazing blueskies above the deep blue ocean and rivers, closely run to each other; the bay where children used to play and shelters quietly alive; different trees growing anywhere like guava, mango, banana, and tamarind, tiny stores and soft sands that gives protection to one’s bare foot, and most of all, people of innocent faces warmly welcome anyone coming. Every morning, birds atop the nipa houses are joyously chirping. Neighbors woke-up earlier to feed their own animals like goat, chicken, carabao, and pigs.

In the afternoon, families are gathered together in one place, to eat for lunch. Their food are put or place on a banana leaf. Instead of spoon and fork, they used their bare hands in eating. They have their vegetables, fruits and fishes for meal. At night, you can see the street almost empty, less people are standing-by, no sign of danger and harm, because almost everybody is asleep even when the night is young. Country life definitely exudes tranquility and calmness.

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