Sunday, September 14, 2014

Missing My College Friends

It has been almost a month since we graduated from college. But I am already missing their presence. For the past four years, they have been my constant companion through my ups and downs. They think of me as the leader of the group maybe because I have always been there to help them with academic matters.

But of all the things I did for them, for letting them copy my assignments, for doing their reports, for writing speeches for them, and a lot more, never did I ask for something in return. But I have seen how they tried to return some favor to me. No matter how people say that they are very much dependent on me, I would not mind because they are my friends. Many people think that they are benefiting from me but little did they know that they also have helped in several ways. Whenever I can’t attend school and missed some of the lessons, they usually send me through email those topics that has been discussed in school. And whenever I feel unwell during school hours, they immediately go to our clinic and ask for some medicine. They also bring a lot of food in school and share them not only with me but to all of our classmates.

I consider my friends as sisters that I never had. They know everything about me but never did they judge me and condemn me from those wrong things I did. But they do scold me when I did such wrong things and I do the same with them. This is for us to know and improve ourselves for the better. We serve as mirrors with each other.

And since we are now facing another chapter of our lives, it is now very hard for us to be together, but I will see to it that we will not lose communication. Some of them already flew outside the country for work and some are already on their probationary period in their local work. I am looking forward to our reunion by next year and seeing them successful in their own field is definitely also an achievement on my part.
Friends, so long..

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