Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Binary Prints by Alex Trochut

Alex Trochut is a Brooklyn and Barcelona-based designer who is the man behind the Binary Prints series. The artist was able to display two images on one surface. The artist also refers to them as the "nocturnal portraits" that wake up in the dark. When the light is on, viewers can see an image in the portrait, but once the light was turn off, another image will emerge.

The project's statement reads: "Anyone who has been present at those transcendental moments of communion at a show can attest to the experience as an awakening—a nighttime rebirth of mind and body. There is a literal translation of the inverted blinking eye, which shows the artists emerging into their nocturnal personas, bringing them into focus, from a anonymous being to an icon of music and sound. Like the experiential discovery inherent in live music, these portraits create layers for the viewers to feel and pull apart, combining the universal with the personal."

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