Friday, August 23, 2013

In Orbit by Tomas Saraceno

In Orbit is a product of the creative mind of an Argentinian artist named Tomas Saraceno. This is considered to be his largest and most ambitious work to date. This monumental mesh construction was built with the help of some architects, engineers and biologists and they completed it over a period of three years. It suspends over 25 meters above the piazza of the K21 Standehaus museum in Dusseldorf, Germany. On June 22 and visitors can be able to visit and climb the gigantic steel wire construction that spans in three levels.

The mesh weigh three tons and there are even half a dozen of spheres inflated PVC balloons that are part of the construction. The artist studied the intricate web of a spiders and this was his inspiration to come up with this idea. There are certain rules that are implemented when entering the orbit. They do not allow more than 10 people to enter the orbit at one time. People should have a more stable shoes to be allowed to enter the structure and they should be at least 12 year old to enter the facility.

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