Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to Start Up Printing Services

Although the world is going digital, print is still very much alive. Companies found online such as and other organizations have proven this. For instance, a wedding invitation sent in the mail has much more of a personal touch than a digital e-vite. Business cards are distributed in person. Fliers are typically seen on the street and on bulletins in addition to the web. And although eBooks are taking the world by storm, hard copies still dominate. If you have a talent for graphic design and publication, consider starting up your own printing company. 

Business Plan

Before you can get things rolling, you and your co-founders should have a brainstorming session so you can devise a business plan. Decide what services you’ll provide to the public. Understand how your services will be superior to the competition. Also offer competitive prices to entice customers. As a part of your plan, you should come up with marketing strategies. Analyze your business model and compare yours to other companies. Think about your target audience and how you want to reach them. Promotions, public relations, and ads should all be considered. Don’t forget about finances. Do your best to estimate expenses, projected income, and capital investments. Add up all these figures so you can present your business plan to a bank in order to obtain a loan.


To be considered a legitimate printing service, you must take care of licenses and permits. Register your company through your city’s secretary of state office. Remember, you’ll need to pay fees, have a business name ready, and obtain an IRS tax ID. Don’t neglect to file and I-9 for each individual worker. Additionally, take care of attaining permits. Signs are needed to promote your business, so apply for a signage permit from the planning and zoning department in your area. An alarm permit may also be necessary to protect your printing equipment. The city’s police department can assist you in gaining such a permit. Last, but not least, insurance is required. Worker’s comp, unemployment, liability, and property insurance are all musts. For more ideas on how to run a printing company, visit

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